About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Golden Heights College is an exclusive Sixth Form College that stands for academic excellence. Golden Heights College was established to bridge the gap between Secondary and University education. Our emphasis is to provide students with the relevant experiences and skills that will enable them to excel in the university. At Golden Heights College, we tailor each student’s education to make the most of their individual skills and talents in a way which nurtures and cultivates their natural abilities so that they can achieve the best possible results, both inside and outside the classroom.

Our School promotes individuality and the pursuit of personal strengths and preferences. Care, guidance and carefully targeted learning support is available wherever required, resulting in greater confidence and enhanced self esteem. Golden Heights College equips students for placement into reputable Nigerian and Oversea universities. Our staffing policies ensure that only experienced teaching professionals in advanced level curriculum are saddled with the responsibility of teaching the students. The various units of the college are equipped with state of the art facilities. The college’s boarding house, science laboratory, classrooms and other offices are truly conducive for learning, and extra-curricular activities.

Our Aim

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to empower all students to apply their skills and knowledge and to rely upon their personal attributes to lead productive lives and to become contributing members of the global community.

Our Ideology

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality education to our students so that they can realise their life’s chosen career

We stand out from the pack because we place our student first and we ensure that we have a measure of each student to facilitate his or her own study regime. We at Golden Heights College would invest in the growth of every child’s mental capacity and within their own duration so as to ensure that no child is left behind.

Hands on Research

Every ward of ours is promised a hands on approach as we have come to discover that muscle memory aids quicker understanding and recollection of core practices.

Dedicated to Your Success

Our belief is on the premise that your success is equally ours and that is why we spare no knowledge in ensuring that you meet your equitable success

Classic Experience

Gain experience that will be valuable for a lifetime with any of our courses. We offer only the best and ensure that what you get is usable consequently.
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Awesome students
Golden Heights College is an impeccable college with excellent educational standards. My academic year was all encompassing and sufficiently rewarding, I will recommend Golden Heights College....
Sophia Student
Golden Heights College provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow my self academically as well as to secure a place in the corporate with its best placement services. The faculties always motivated me to empower myself and were very freindly, enthusiastic, ready to help, encouraging, and supportive.
Alexendere Student
I love Golden Heights college a lot because it possesses all the qualities of an ideal college. GHC has excellent course curriculum and faculty members. The lecturers are thoroughly satisfactory and academically balanced.
Faith Student
Glad to have you at Golden Heights College
Welcome to Golden Heights College