Nigerian Pre-degree Programme

Nigerian Pre-Degree Program is one of the Advanced Level Programs, run for one academic year (September to June) at Golden Heights College. This Program captures JUPEB and IJMB Curriculum structured to provide a robust academic foundation for students seeking admission by Direct Entry to Nigerian Universities at 200 Level.

Nigerian Pre-Degree Curriculum is flexible such that students have a broad range of combinations from Science, Art, and Commercial subjects to satisfy the undergraduate course requirements. It is mandatory for each student to take three of these subjects relevant to the course of study in the university.

Advantages of studying Nigerian Pre-Degree at Golden Heights College are numerous.
1. It equips students  with knowledge, skills and experiences that are adequate, to cope with academic tasks in the university.

2.Nigerian Pre-Degree allows students considerable freedom to specialise in the subjects that really interest them and which are more closely related to the course that they aspire to study at university.

3. Students with weak foundation from Secondary school get the opportunity to strengthen their academic capabilities.

4. Nigerian Pre-Degree give students the exposure to intensive, deep and comprehensive curriculum content in various subjects.

5. Nigerian Pre-Degree Program sharpens students’ reasoning and analytical thinking thereby bringing out the academic maturity in them. 


Admission in progress.